Friday, August 21, 2009

A chat with @JohnsonThrimp

I just had a Gmail chat with @JohnsonThrimp

7:58 AM thrimpjohnson: Fiedler & Jones
Enemy Of The State imdb, seriously.
You can do better than thta
Sorry in a rush, on timer here
7:59 AM me: oh, straight google led me to a london real estate agent
thrimpjohnson: pfft#
8:00 AM no clue, just a gag!
8:01 AM me: STO
thrimpjohnson: I'm pretty sure you are supposed to be on top of this. Pls let Nick know, Ileft him a present in my desk. Must dash.

Times are CDT which is where I live.

In a tweet I asked him "Why do you need Fiedler and Jones" I asked because he tweeted this yesterday:

My comment "STO" means Standard Training Op, a quotation from the movie.

I have no idea what he means by "I'm pretty sure you are supposed to be on top of this." On top of what? Minor characters from a movie eleven years ago?

So, Nick, is there a present to you in Evan's desk?

Thrimp Johnson is getting a lot of our attention and using a lot of our time and resources. Fits right in with what Nick said yesterday, "I can guarantee you that Evan has created a new identity and is monkeying with us."

Maybe we need a time out from Thrimp.


  1. I am totally stumped by this. I don't have access to Evan's desk, an he doesn't have access to mine. * nick

  2. It's already been confirmed that @JohnsonThrimp is not Evan!