Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Theory (SWAG) on Where Evan Might Be Heading

My thoughts on where he might be. He was presumably heading east on I-80 last week. According to the Amazon wish list found by William Yale, Evan is a fan of Hunter S. Thompson. Hunter's last residence was Woody Creek, CO. I-80 isn't a direct shot, but it gets one going in the right direction.

My thought process to Hunter S. Thompson starts with atavism. The first time I remember reading the word atavistic was in a Hunter S. Thompson book. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I believe, though not sure. As you probably know by now, Evan has a web site called The Atavist. This is my how I got to the SWAG about being near Woody Creek, CO, HST's last address.

The Las Vegas angle. Since I mentioned Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas it made more sense that Vegas would be a good hide out in the open sort of place. "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Another thought I had Vegas is that Evan mentioned the cost of wi-fi at hotels. Evan has been all over the world. He probably has enough frequent traveler points for most hotel chains to stay for free. In Vegas, the hotels on the strip charge $10 and higher per 24 hours. Evan mentioned the cost of wi-fi in this tweet.

Just some random thoughts about where he might be. I know it's not concrete proof, just a SWAG.

Edited to add tracking someone through Frequent Traveler numbers was used in Evan's article.

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