Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has Evan Sold His Car? (Updated)

There has been speculation among those searching for Evan that he may have sold his car. This theory materialized after it was learned that Evan deposited $3,000 into his checking account on Friday, August 21, in Santa Monica. His car, a 1999 Honda Civic, would be worth approximately $3,000 dollars if he sold it.
Thanks to Facebook Group contributor Ben Feldman it appears that Evan has not sold his car. Ben points us to the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs web site for the evidence. Using Evan's license plate number, 4MUN509, the database shows us that Evan's car has not had a smog check in the past 90 Days (see screen capture below). In California, in order to sell your car you must have a smog check done within 90 days prior to the sale date.

Edit: Thanks to @Mescad for reminding me that Evan's Twitter account has a post from July 13th that Evan was at the DMV.

The one A caveat is the database may not have been updated recently. Checking the database later this week would be prudent to rule this scenario out.
This information still doesn't tell us whether or not Evan is using his car during his travels.

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