Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Operation Bookstore Is Underway

Attention Evan Ratliff!!

We're coming to a bookstore near you! 

Evan's editor at Wired, Nicholas Thompson, blogged yesterday that he is sure Evan will go into a bookstore on or before Thursday, and purchase a copy of Tracy Kidder's new book Strength in What Remains.

Through contacts (a friend of a friend) I have at the American Booksellers Association, an e-mail will go out to all independent bookstores in the U.S. informing them of the Find Evan Ratliff contest. The e-mail will contain photos of Evan and details of the contest and how to claim the $5,000 prize. They will urge the booksellers to distribute the information to all of their employees.

Hopefully this will put the squeeze on Evan's plan to purchase the latest book by one of his favorite authors. I know he still has the opportunity to go to a chain bookstore for his purchase. I think this campaign will narrow his opportunities to purchase the book. So, if you are one of the friends of Evan, please be sure to let him know that going to an independent bookstore would probably end his time on the lam.

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